Xenophobia: South Africans Attacked Nigerians And Other Foreigner Owned Business

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South African xenophobic attack on Nigeria

South Africans, again have launched attacks on Nigerian and other foreign businesses in Johannesburg. The attacks started late on Sunday and lasted into the early hours of Monday. It all started on Sunday, September 1. It turned violent at later hours of the day. Several car dealerships and mechanic shops were looted and destroyed. A metro policeman that tried to subdue the violence was also reportedly shot dead by an armed looter.

The most affected areas were Jeppestown in downtown Johannesburg, Jules street and Malvern area.  So far, thirty-one persons arrested for public violence.

The locals have threatened to be violent on foreigners and their businesses. As a result, other parts of the country are on high alert.

However, it should be noted that this is not the first time South Africans are launching attacks on Nigerians and other foreigners and their businesses. They seem to forget that they have businesses in other countries that could severely affect their economy if destroyed.

Although the police arrested people, the governments should find lasting solutions to this problem to avoid it happening again.

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