bus accident in lagos nigeria

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Motor Cyclists Causes BRT Bus Collision

Primero Transport Services Ltd. (PTS), the operators of BTS, has said that the activities of commercial moto cyclists (okada riders) on the dedicated BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) lane was responsible for the collision of the BRT buses in Lagoes on Monday.

The managing director, Mr. Fola Tinubu has made the allegations in an interview with the News Agencies in Nigeria after the collision of the two BTR buses in Ikorudu, Lagoes.

The Lagoes State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, said the collision led t traffic congestion around the area although, efforts were being made to remove the buses from the road.

Mr. Fola Tinubu, in reaction to the accident, said the government must do something about the threats posed by Okada riders on the dedicated BRT lane. He said the accident will occur again if nothing is been done.

“There were some minor injuries and all the affected have being released from the hospital. We thank God for that”, he said. “However,” he continued, “my big concern is this okada menace. The way they ride is as if they have more than one life. Their riding between buses must be addressed. The state government just have to do something urgently about okadas on BRT lanes”.

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